Art and Craft in the School Curriculum

In keeping with the school’s philosophy and its belief in the multiple intelligence theory, the learning areas apart from the five broad based academic areas are given a lot of weightage. A student leaving DPS Gurgaon, Sector 84 will be expected to have a breadth of vision and a spectrum of interest that will mark him or her out as a singular human being. Therefore, the performing and theatre arts (drama, dance on both Indian and western music) and the visual arts (painting, sketching, design, sculpture) are an important part of the curriculum. The Arts Programme is designed to enable students to get equal opportunities to participate in quality programmes.

The curriculum philosophy of DPS Gurgaon, Sector 84 believes that creating or making something is of great educational significance. It gives students pride and confidence in their own achievement; it develops gross and fine motor skills; and it develops imagination and expressive skills.

Formal education in art and craft at the school, including the curriculum, examinations systems and resource materials, will provide children with an excellent opportunity to increase their academic success and develop important skills. There are at least five important reasons.

  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Cognitive development and stimulation
  • Appropriate learning
  • Personal development
  • Sustainability