What Curriculum will be offered by the school?

The school offers the CBSE Curriculum delivered in the best practices of international education systems. We will create a holistic environment where a child will bloom to the best. The school climate will reverberate with joy and respect.

Is this school governed by the DPS Society?

DPS Gurugram, Sec 84 is under the aegis of DPS society, New Delhi. We are honoured to have Mr. V.K. Shunglu, Chairman, DPS Society as Chairman of our Managing Committee.

What activities are there as a part of the normal Curriculum?

We pride ourselves on our teaching philosophy a unique, high impact education programme that unlocks multiple pathways to learning and all-round development. Through an academically rigorous education enriched with robust co-curricular, sport and enrichment activities, students develop key skills which include the ability to apply knowledge, think creatively, express oneself, work with others, and persevere, as well as develop their values, character and leadership qualities to influence and change the world.

What classes are you taking admissions?

We will offer admissions for Nursery, Kindergarten and Classes I – VIII

Is it a co-education school?

Yes, our school is a co-educational school

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