1. What is the student teacher ratio?
At DPS 84, for a healthy interaction in the class, the student teacher ratio never goes above 1:12. This helps in creating a close bond between the teacher and the student.
2. What board do you follow?

C.B.S.E – Central Board of Secondary Education.

3. What is the process of evaluating the academic performance of the children?

There is no formal assessment till Grade – 2. The ongoing evaluation system focuses on application, understanding, and effort to ensure that the children develop higher-order thinking skills. Grades 3 and 4 have unit tests spread over the year with other formative assessments. Grade 5 onwards unit tests and term exams follow the CBSE pattern.

4. How often do you have Parent Teacher Meetings?

Parent-Teacher meetings are held once in every quarter. Parents can meet the Principal with prior appointment to discuss any concerns they may have. Walk-in times can be scheduled once a month in case the parent wants to meet the teachers to discuss their child’s progress in school.

5. What are the various co-curricular activities for students in DPS 84?

At DPS 84, we offer many extracurricular activities such as basketball, soccer, cricket, table tennis, karate/judo, yoga, theatre, chess, skating, as well as a splash pool for the younger children.

6. Do the children go for Inter School Competitions?
Yes, the children are encouraged and prepared to participate in various Inter School Competitions to enhance their talents, confidence and oratorical skills.
7. How many food breaks are here?
There is a short fruit break and a longer lunch break, every day for all grades.
8. Do you organize any educational visits for students?

We organize educational visits for our students on a regular basis. Age and subject- appropriate trips are meticulously planned by the school. These visits form an integral part of the teaching-learning process. They supplement curriculum through interaction with the outside world. We tailor each visit to make it developmentally appropriate and intellectually stimulating.
Till Grade V, these trips are day trips, while from Grade VI and above the children are taken on overnight visits as well.

9. Do you provide School transport?

Yes, we provide school transport within the school’s radius. The buses and vans are air conditioned and there is one female helper and a guard in each bus to ensure the children’s safety. At least one faculty member always accompanies the children in the bus.

10. How is the safety of the child ensured at DPS 84?
The entire school is covered with CCTV cameras and all gates are manned by security guards. All systems and processes are in place to ensure the safety of the child in the school premises, including the school bus.
11. Are school Buses Air Conditioned?
We at DPS 84 have a fleet of Buses. The entire fleet is air-conditioned.
12. Are the classrooms air-conditioned?
Yes, the classrooms are well ventilated and brightly lit to create a comfortable learning environment for the children.
13. What are the medical facilities provided at DPS 84?
  • Healthcare facilities are available in the school medical room, which functions under the guidance of a full-time doctor and nurse. The medical room is fully equipped to give first aid in case of any emergency. The health center of the school organizes regular medical checkups for staff and students. Regular checkups maximize our chances of remaining in good health for years to come. It also organizes awareness camps on various health problems.

To name a few camps we have-

  • General Health Check-up camp
  • ENT (Ear Nose Throat) check-up
  • Eye check-up
  • Dental check-up
  • Anaemia detection
14. How does the school share news and information with parents with regard to bus timings, school timing and other updates?
Once the child is registered, the parents are given login credentials to the ERP, the school online portal, so that all communication from school and the happenings at school can be viewed by parents. Parents will be notified about any change in school timings/holidays and any other unplanned changes through text messages as well as through the ERP (full form). Information regarding other updates and circulars will be given through notes in students’ diaries and will also uploaded on the ERP.
15. How will the child reach the school bus at the time of dispersal? How is it ensured that the child is handed over to the right person at the time of de-boarding?

Bus-log books are maintained and are updated on a daily basis. The teacher escorts the children to ensure that each child boards the right bus. The school issues a photo ID of the person who picks up the child at the bus stop to ensure that the children are handed over to their caretakers.

16. Can children be picked up before the school officially gets over? If so then what is the procedure?
We usually do not allow children to leave early, but in certain situations such as medical emergencies we make exceptions. Here again, the child is only allowed to leave with their parents or with other caretakers who are able to provide proper authorization from the parents. Parents, however, have to contact the school authorities beforehand via hand-written notes or text messages asking for permission for the child to leave early.
17. Will the child have access to safe drinking water while in school?
Yes, we have RO purifiers, which ensure that safe drinking water is available to all students, school staff and visitors.
18. Is the school equipped to handle children with special needs?
Yes, we do have a SEN (Special Education Needs) educator who is approved by the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India).