Our Faculty

The DPS 84 Educator is a facilitator who draws from the existing potential of each child, that is waiting to be recognized, and assists each child in using his/her higher order thinking skills. Teachers use innovative pedagogical approaches such as experiential learning in class through extension activities to engage students critically and analytically, transforming the classroom into a think tank.

Our educators comprise of teachers whose skillsets include not only expert knowledge in their particular fields, but also effective interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, which allow them to teach each child according to his/her needs. A DPS 84 Educator always strives for the development of his/her students and fosters active learning in classrooms by implementing activities involving class participation. Students are encouraged to ask questions and satiate their intellectual curiosity. A DPS educator plays the role of a mentor, a guide, and a confidant as he/she not only imparts knowledge to his/her students, but is also a resource that students can turn to for comfort, or decision-making and other challenges they may face, to make the students’ schooling environment as pleasant as possible. At DPS, our educators are dedicated to help each student reach his/her potential, both inside as well as outside the classroom.