Student Engagement


“If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-Ignacio Estrada


At DPS 84, the teaching- learning process is designed to ensure that the focus is not only on the material being learned, but also on the how the acquired information is processed and learned by students. Emphasizing both theoretical and experiential learning. With the belief and conviction that experiential learning results in creating lifelong learners, the methodology and best practices at school include specially designed and well acclaimed programmes such as the following:



This is a single or double period per week wherein the Class Teacher uses the time to bond with her students. This is also a time that is used to provide a platform for the issues and problems that arise within the class group. It is also a great time to work towards instilling the core values of the school.



This activity is conducted for students in the Elementary and Lower Primary grades. It is employed to help students develop and showcase their language, confidence and presentation skills. Teachers encourage students to applaud their peers, creating a conducive environment for the Show ’n’ tell. Additionally, this activity equips children with interpersonal skills, which are important for succeeding in the real world.



‘Drop everything and Read’ is a reading programme which helps the child hone his/her reading skills. Dedicated class libraries, run by the class teacher and the Language and Communications Council of the school are aimed at increasing the vocabulary and communication skills of the students.



Teachers dedicate a particular time slot for Debate, extempore, elocution and drama activities, which helps students improve their communication skills in both Hindi and English languages. This activity is done for all classes and is supervised by the Key Activity Coordinator who ensures that this period is effectively implemented.



This workshop provides an individualized curriculum that caters to all types of learners. It is extremely flexible and all the curriculum objectives can be met through it. It is a programme implemented to teach children how to write. Children are given the creative freedom to write about topics that they find interesting. The teachers then help students improve their writing by making suggestions and advising students to draft a new composition incorporating those suggestions. Besides writing, one of its components also includes a comprehensive, graded reading programme from Nursery to Grade IX, which aims at developing effective readers and writers. At the end of the workshop, sometime is also dedicated to discussions regarding the activity. This closing time is integral to this programme as it informs the teachers about the child’s level of comprehension and gives the child an opportunity to express his/her views and think creatively.



Learning is not limited to the classroom. Beyond the classrooms we arrange webinars and skype sessions with professionals to enable our students experience the real world scenarios and possible solutions. Our students have already experienced some of the interesting sessions on Bullying, Cyber Safety and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.