DPS 84 is affiliated to the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and will thereby provide a gateway to a global arena. Our CBSE affiliation number is 531517.


Pre-Primary School

Nursery and Kindergarten, are play-based, recognizing the students’ multiple intelligences and encouraging creative thinking. A day in the life of a Pre-Primary student involves much free play, both indoors and outdoors, as well as a structured timetable involving numeracy and literacy classes. Indoor free play is based around a series of activities such as dramatic play, sensorial learning and an art and discovery hour among other activities.


Primary School

During Primary School, which covers a period of five years (ranging from grades I to V), children’s basic skills in all subjects are enhanced. Additionally, students are introduced to higher-level thinking and application-based problem sets that stimulate the development of their critical and analytical skills. The Primary School curriculum focuses on the spirit of exploration and acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts through data collection and interpretation, and understanding of scientific phenomena via observation, experimentation and inference. Learning is enriched by a number of extracurricular activities such as drama, storytelling, poetry, music, modules, discussions and a wide range of artistic activities.


Middle School

In the Middle School years – grades six to grade eight- the students will learn how to think in an abstract manner, and furnish their cognitive skills by gaining a deeper understanding of important concepts. Middle school students also have access to the school laboratories, allowing them to gain experiential knowledge. Since these years are integral for the social development of the children, students are taught to accept personal responsibility for actions, decisions and outcomes. Students’ classroom and laboratory work is supplemented with educational trips, which make learning more exciting.


Senior School

The Senior School comprises of Grades IX to XII, and follows the CBSE syllabus. Here too the endeavour will be to make learning more student–centric and interesting. Therefore, there will be focus on projects and presentations based on group activities, which inculcate the value of teamwork in the children.

At this level, some of the approaches adopted would include inquiry-based learning to motivate students to reflect and research widely and appreciate a curriculum that follows an interdisciplinary approach.

DPS 84 would follow an assessment system, which is a school – based evaluation of a student and covers all aspects of a student’s development. It means regularity of assessment, frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures, retesting and feedback of evidence by teachers to students for their self- evaluation.