The library is at a central location in the school and is stocked with magazines, periodicals, books and reference material. It is a fun reading hub to create an informal yet conducive space for reading. Resource spaces for teachers are also an integral part of the library.



There are well-equipped science laboratories fitted with LCD projectors and the latest instruments and tools. The first building also boasts a fully furnished computer lab operated by experienced faculty. The laboratories will allow children to see the applications of their theoretical knowledge. These laboratory classes also enhance the skillsets of the students by imparting them with designing skills, computational thinking, vocational crafts, software development practices and problem solving skills.



Educational Robotics familiarizes students with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The objective is to equip students with the necessary skills required for analysis and operation of robots. Educational robotics strengthens and support students’ skill-sets, developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. Students from grade four onwards, are learning about the STEM subjects in the Robotics Lab.



“Technology: The Great Growling Engine of CHANGE”- – As rightly quoted by Alvin Toffler. It has influenced every aspect of our lives and indeed become an integral part of modern society. In accordance with the evolving technological era, we at DPS Sector 84 are not only dedicated to impart ICT (Information and Communication Technology) education, but we also strongly believe in teaching our children about the correct and controlled use of technology.

Our Highlights of ICT Education

  • Integrated Learning with United Nations Global Goals
  • Project based and Collaborative learning
  • Emphasis on Practical learning.
  • Engaging activities like Skype sessions, Hour of Code, Code Club Projects.
  • Grounding in computer- programming with Scratch and Python
  • 1:1 devices