In keeping with our school motto of “Service before Self” DPS-84, Gurgaon invited the residents of Deepashram to their school on 10th October, 2018. Deepashram is the abode of some very talented and loving differently abled people. The aim of the visit was to sensitize the students on the various abilities of this group and to experience how fully and joyfully they live their lives despite the disability. It was a great opportunity for our students to understand the concept of inclusion and know that everyone belongs to the same society and deserves the same attention, love and has the same rights.

The team from Deepashram was extended a warm welcome by the school students and the staff. They were bestowed with respect, love and compassion by the students during their interaction. Students patiently watched, listened and helped all the visitors. They dealt with the guests with utmost care. They even organized interesting activities for them like vocal music, dance and colouring. A lot of effort was made to make them feel comfortable and students gave their best to put them at ease during these activities so that they cherished these memorable moments always.

Overall it was a great learning experience for both, the students as well as the guests from the ashram.