Respected Principal Ma’am,


This is with reference to the presentation by Class II students held today. My son Atharv is a student of Class II B.
I would like to Congratulate all the Students & the teachers who have putup such an impressive show. All the students were confident, well informed & well prepared. It was one of the best presentation that I have seen coming from students of this age.
Would also like to thank you for creating such an environment where children are motivated to perform & get involved in such extra curricular activities for their wholesome development.

Thanks & Regards
Parikshit Bhargava

Dear Mam,


It was a great presentation given by children. It was really interesting to see how all the groups of kids explained the way they learn. The concept of teaching is very nice which makes children understand it and not only memorize it. It was great to see that all the children present in class had a very good confidence level such that they could stand in front of an audience and speak without fumbles or hesitation. There is a lot of hard work done by teachers for which I would congratulate them.

Thanks and Regards,
Sarita and Suresh
Parents Of Hridyansh Bhandari

We – parents/ grandparent  of Samaira Uchil – Class 1 C would like to share our feedback for the recent class presentation day.
To start with it’s a great initiative or school process to involve parents in day to day studies and way of educating children.
We busy parents in corporates feels good to see our children are doing something and where they stand.
Ruchi Ma’am thanks a ton for all your effort and taking care for Samaira so nicely.
Other teachers – Hindi Ma’am , library Ma’am thanks a ton.

Archana Ma’am for such involvement at class level in tremendous.

Our principal Neelu Ma’am and the whole team of teachers sincere thanks for such dedication towards students and guidance to parents to nurture our children.

Thanks and Regards,
Ridhi Jain

Dear All,


Two months before we were too confused which school to put Reyansh in, because when you make the difficult decision of leaving your children in the care of others, there are never enough assurances to ease your mind and comfort your heart. You do your best to research a childcare facility, visit the location, and meet the staff. Individually, and as a whole, we saw first-hand how supported, safe and comfortable my son feel.

It was our first time enrolling our son in nursery school so we were nervous at first but the Principal, teachers and the rest of the staff at DPS are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable.

DPS is such a great school!! From the moment we registered our son and talked with the wonderful office staff we had a feeling that this school was going to be great for our son.

Sending our son to DPS was our first experience with a nursery school and to be honest we weren’t sure what to expect. What we discovered was a wonderful environment filled with a caring and loving staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to pass my thanks to the Principal, motivated and engaged teachers, professional team, friendly and welcoming staff.

We are so thankful of the choice we made by choosing DPS sector 84. However, the reasons we are proud of our choice go well beyond DPS answering all of the worries we had as new parents.

Word are too short for me to express my pride and gratitude for DPS and its management.

We truly appreciate it!!

We feel so blessed every day that our Son goes to the DPS.

Greetings of the day!


Truly speaking, it has been a very good experience ever since I started interacting with school and my daughter started her classes. I am penning few words below with regards to the school.

“It takes a lot while deciding to change the school of your child. There is not only an apprehension about the new school’s prodigy but also a psychological shift that takes place in both parents and the child. We had similar decision dilemma and lot of queries were running in our minds when we decided to change our daughter’s school to DPS-Sec84.

I think it all started with our first meeting with the Principal and staff during the admission test of our ward. While the school building was still under construction, but we could observe that the foundation of leadership and governance was clearly visible through the stellar team working under the able guidance of the Principal. All our intrinsic queries were answered and we were sure that our decision was going to be a right one.

And yes, the above was true. The school welcomed my ward and us with open hands sending a clear message that my child was going to be nurtured well with knowledge and discipline. I am satisfied, I am happy. All I can say – My daughter is one of the saplings in DPS-84 Garden and I have full faith in the ‘Gardeners’. All the best DPS-84!”

Warm Regards,
Shah Amber
F/O Areena Amber (III A)

Dear Principal,


I feel extremely happy writing this note and sharing some thoughts and observation that I have for the school and the teachers. My son ” Dhairya Rajan is a student of “Nursery C”

As a parent I was quite worried about choosing the right school for my son and making sure he gets the best of teachers and mentors in his initial years of learning. I am extremely delighted to say that our decision to choose DPS above all other options was appropriate and correct.

Principal and teachers standing at the main gate of the school on the 1st day and greeting the parents and the kids with big smile, responsible staff at the ground including the security guard and the didi’s , Ms Mansa and the Principal who knows your child so well already, class teachers welcoming the students and assuring the parents of the kids well-being. All of this makes me fee proud and confident of the fact that my child is in safe hands and will have a great learning environment.

Thank you to the entire staff and wish you all the best.
Neeru Sharma