Co-Curricular Activities

A co-curricular programme needs to be offered in line with the educational philosophy that academics come first, but requires other inputs to develop effective and successful human beings. It needs to be an integral part in the educational process, complementing the school’s academic offerings. Co-curricular activities provide a student with a different setting in which to develop and “search for excellence.” These outside-the-classroom activities teach leadership, teamwork and responsibility to others whilst being enjoyable.

With this theme in mind, a co-curricular programme that includes various types of activities will be offered at DPS Gurgaon, Sector 84.

  • Dance
  • Vocal Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Photography/Visual & New Media
  • Art/Craft/Modelling
  • Quiz
  • Fashion Technology
  • Public Speaking/Debating
  • Model United Nations
  • Theatre/Drama
  • Home Care
  • Technology/Workshops