Physical Education and Sports

The development of a positive self-image and the enjoyment of physical activities are important aspects of any Physical Education programme. Sports also play a major role in tackling social issues, stimulating economic regeneration and giving young people the best possible start in life. From the youngest children who participate in numerous opportunities to run, skip, jump, and hop to the oldest students who are refining their skills and learning team sports, teachers need to challenge each student to develop his or her individual skills and talents.

The physical education programme


at DPS Gurgaon Sector 84 will focus on:


Develop students who take losing in their stride and learn from such experiences


To strive towards achieving perfection


Tolerating and appreciating each other’s differences

Healthy Body

Being associated with a healthy mind

The Physical Education and Sports programme will aim at improving the health and fitness levels of the students at the school.

The emphasis will be on engaging every child in every class and teaching skills in an age-appropriate fashion, from the Early Childhood Years to Senior Secondary School.

DPS Gurgaon Sector 84 will offer a curriculum for physical education that looks at providing a structured framework for the development of these skills.The available games must cater to the needs of both boys and girls


Table Tennis




Kho Kho






In keeping with the philosophy of the school, Physical Education will be an integral part of every DPS Gurgaon Sector 84 day. The Physical Education programme is structured to develop skills, stamina and sportsmanship and fit the needs of particular age groups.

From the Early Childhood Years to Class II, the stress will be on the building up of individual skills vis-a-vis a heightened physical stamina and better motor activities. The children of this age group will participate in gymnastics, bar exercises, rope climbing and other muscle strengthening exercises. Class III onwards, the children will be inculcated in the more formal team sports like soccer, basketball and cricket. In Classes VI – XII the children will play a number of sports

Over and above the School Physical Education programme, sports camps will be organised in the evenings.

Specialised coaching and professional physical education programmes will be conducted at DPS Gurgaon Sector 84.