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Proficiency and Scholar Badge Ceremony

Proficiency and Scholar Badge Ceremony


Proficiency and Scholar Badge Ceremony


“We are what we repeatedly do! Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Delhi Public School, Sector-84, held its first Proficiency and Scholar Badge Ceremony of on 17th May, 2018, to felicitate meritorious students for their academic excellence and for 100% attendance. The students from Nursery to Grade IV (session 2017-18) were felicitated with Proficiency Certificates and Trophies. Students from Grades V to VII (session 2017-18) were honoured with Scholar pockets and Certificates. Students who maintained full attendance in the last academic session were awarded a certificate.

The ceremony commenced with an invocation to the Almighty seeking his blessings by reciting the Gayatri Mantra. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by our Principal, Ms. Neelu Sharma accompanied by a few parents. The School Principal addressed the gathering of parents and welcomed them for being a part of their ward’s one of the big days’ in his/her student life.

Ganesh Vandana, in the form of a mesmerising dance was performed by our students. After the recital, our Principal ma’am, along with the School Co-ordinator, Ms Archana Panicker and the Admin- Head, Mr. Yash Pasricha gave away the Proficiency Awards to students from Nursery to Grade IV.

The School Choir sang a beautiful number titled “Don’t give up” composed by our Music Teacher, Mr. Ashish Kenneth Lal which drove home the message that Dipsites never ever give up in the face of any challenge in life. After the song, the students from Grade V to VII were given the Scholar Badge. An enchanting dance performance kept the parents enthralled. This was followed by giving away the 100% Attendance Certificates.

The function came to a close with a vote of thanks proposed by the School Coordinator. It was indeed a proud moment for the parents, students and the School.

MR Vaccination Camp

MR Vaccination Camp



The MR Campaign which is an Initiative by the Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of India to eradicate Measles  and Rubella from the India. DPS Sector-84 supported the initiative and organized a vaccination camp in School on 16 th May,  2018. A team from the Primary Health Centre headed by the Civil Surgeon were involved in administering the vaccine to the  consenting students.

Parents were invited to be with their wards while the vaccination was administered. The parents were very satisfied with the  organization and management of the camp.

Environment week

Environment week

‘Find your place on the Planet. Dig in and take responsibility from there’.

The Earth Day, an annual event held on April 22, was celebrated at DPS, Sector 84, Gurugram, as an ‘Environment Week’ from 16th April ’18 to 20th April ’18, simply with the aim of sensitizing the students about Environmental degradation. The idea was also to connect them to nature and implore them to get outdoors and experience their surroundings, to appreciate the beauty of nature and its importance, and to take forward the plea to protect the Earth that we share.

Students from Nursery to Grade VIII enjoyed numerous activities held for an entire week focusing on environmental issues. Nursery and K.G students were engaged in an array of activities like Making Earth lockets & Earth hangouts, Tearing & Pasting Activity on tree cutouts, making of paper bags as a takeaway, making a Grass crown, Germination of seed in earthen pots, Nature Walk and reflection in their art files, discussion on Pollution – land, air and water, paper crushed ball to show Earth, Story narration -ek chhota beej with props.

Students of Grade I made paper bags using old newspapers, magazine pages, etc. to make attractive bags of all shapes and sizes. The strings were made out of jute and coir and dry leaves and flowers were used for decoration. A Collage and Poster Making Activity done by Grade II and Grade IV students depicted various methods to save our environment. Grade II also very enthusiastically participated in planting saplings in the school premises with the belief that every tree/plant that grows will take us towards a greener and cleaner Earth. Grade III was engaged in making bird feeders of different sizes and shapes. It was an incredible way to get a closer look at birds. Grade IV had Interhouse Hindi Poem Recitation Competition. Students came up with original ideas and props and recited the poems with impressive voice modulation and expression. A Card Making Activity was conducted by Grade IV and V. They made very impressive handmade cards with eco-friendly decorative materials like handmade paper, ribbons, dried leaves and flowers, glitter and buttons.

Special Assembly was conducted on the occasion of Earth Day, by the students of Class-V B to demonstrate the support and concern for Environmental protection. Students of Grades VI, VII and VIII reused the waste material and created awesome and beautiful ‘Best out of waste material’ objects like pen stands and planters, paper doll, organizer and lamp shade, pocket diary, etc. They made their environmental message memorable by picking a slogan that focused on the issue they care about the most. Some wrote about keeping the earth clean and safe while others were fascinated with issues like water, afforestation, sustainable development, etc. They also created attractive badges to distribute the same among the people during their awareness drive. An inter-house English debate competition was organized on 19th April 2018 for the students of Grade VI, VII and VIII. The topic for the debate, “Humans have been able to dominate the Earth/nature,” captivated the young minds and brought forth some very interesting perspectives from the debaters.

Awareness drive to Town Square market was organized for students of Grade III to VIII. The main purpose of the activity was to create awareness amongst the people about protecting and conserving our environment and adapting the methods to use resources judiciously. Students had a chance to interact with vendors and the crowd in the market area and promoted sustainability of the environment by shouting slogans, distributing badges and hand bands. They also performed a street play on the said topic. They were also engaged in making handmade paper through a very simple process. It was a fantastic way to recycle old paper and make it useful by creating handmade paper.

Our Principal, Ms Neelu Sharma, motivated and enriched the young minds about making simple modifications in our everyday life and contribute to the cause of environment protection.

Adventure  trip to Lohagarh Farms

Adventure trip to Lohagarh Farms

“What is life but a grand adventure.”

Going on a school trip means more than simply leaving the school premises, it means spending time with each other and bonding in a new environment. While the purpose is essentially to edify, such trips serve a dual purpose of nurturing young minds and strengthening friendships.

Keeping this basic ethos in mind, an enthralling adventurous trip was organized on Wednesday, March 14 2018, for our students of Grades I to VII, to experience the simplicity of life at Lohagarh Farms, Gurugram, It was a day full of fun activities wherein our children had no targets and competitions in mind.  Students were delighted to explore the old rustic life and acquired more information on them. Some of the key attractions for the kids were Pottery, Camel Ride, Bullock Ride, Tractor Ride, Team-Building Activities, Archery, shooting, Tug of War, Mehndi, Mud-Bath and much more. All activities were carried under expert supervision by trained instructors using safety harness. For the younger ones, it was a wonderful way to end the session and for the older children, it was a good stress reliever after the term exams.

The trip was a memorable one, which encouraged the students to keep alive the memories of our old legacy.

Talent Show By Nursery

Talent Show By Nursery

“Only children believe they’re capable of everything”.

                                                                         – Paulo Coelho

A Talent Show was organized by DPS, sector 84 on 17th February, 2018 in school to encourage the children to come forward and showcase their talent. It was a pleasure watching Nursery students performing confidently and enthusiastically in front of their parents. Every opportunity at DPS ensures that child’s intrinsic qualities be nurtured and help removing the stage fear which will help them in developing their personalities.

Sports Day

Sports Day

DPS, Sector 84, Gurugram conducted its Sports Week ‘Collympics’ from 18th –  22nd December.  22nd December,  2017 was the culmination of the Sports Week and was a day filled with fervour and excitement.

Bright clear and sunny sky accompanied by pleasant weather was the perfect boost for the students and they entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way. The much awaited Annual Sports Day commenced with the oath ceremony administered by our School Sports Captain. The Principal declared the Sports Meet open and appreciated the impressive March Past of the students, which was a magnificent display of discipline, coordination and the impeccable synchronization of all the four houses. An energizing exercise drill, yoga as well as aerobics presentation set the tone for the rest of the events.

Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tones of encouragement for the young athletes. Rabbit race, Jelly fish race, Pack your bag race, Shuttle run with ball race, Hawaiian race were some of the races conducted for the students of Nursery and K.G. Students of Grade I took part in Obstacle race. Heats for the relay races were done over a period of one week, in which the students were shortlisted for the final round. Students from Grades III to VII also participated in football, badminton and cricket matches and the final list of the players was prepared. Those shortlisted played the final matches.  Grades II to VII competed house wise in events including 100 m, 200 m, 200 m relay races, a highly competitive event where the four houses eyed for the first place, competed with great stamina and vigour, trying to gain more points for their respective houses. Fun time with three legged race by the teachers of the school, added enjoyment to the event.
The day ended with distribution of medals and certificates to winners by our honourable Principal.