Book Week celebrations

Book Week celebrations


The Book Week, an annual event of the school was celebrated by DPS-84, from 9th July to 13th July, 2018.

Dozens of activities were scheduled to turn the ‘Book Week’ into a week- long celebration in order to enhance the creative and scholastic skills of the students.

Nursery and K.G decorated their “Portfolio Covers”. To spread the aura of brightness that colours bring into our lives, a colouring competition was conducted for Nursery classes. Primary and Middle school students got busy even before the Book Week began, with designing posters based on the Book Week theme. Many of our soft boards outside the classrooms were decorated with story adaptations of famous authors: Roald Dahl, Vishnu Sharma, Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss – to name a few!

To blend the value of books and library with lifelong learning, our students from Nursery, Grade I & II visited the school library. They were acquainted with different books kept there. Many parents also joined in, read out stories aloud, with appropriate voice modulation and gestures in their wards’ classes, on animals, fairyland, and value based stories, which our kids thoroughly enjoyed. Students of Grades IV & V enthusiastically participated in the activity where they had to dress up as their favourite book character.  To make the most out of this activity, teachers discussed the characters with their students and communicated with their parents to create a costume for a book character parade that was organised as a culmination activity.

Bookmark is a useful aid to be used during and after reading a book to remind the reader about where to start reading from to maintain continuity as children seldom read a book in one go. Nursery, Grade I, II & III students enjoyed making colourful and attractive bookmarks, some of them displayed motivational reading quotes on them. Grades IV & V displayed their creative ideas through book covers which they made. Grades VII & VIII students intrigued the audience by their skilful enactment of scenes from their favourite stories -Tenali Ram, Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’, Panchatantra stories, etc. Last but not the least, students of Grades VI, VII & VIII also got an opportunity to meet the eminent cartoonist, Mr. Ajit Narayan, and enjoyed a session for an hour with him during which he taught them the nuances of cartooning.

Our Principal, Ms Neelu Sharma, reiterated that books are a man’s best friend who takes the reader to an all new world each time he gets engrossed in one. She encouraged the students to improve their reading skills and develop their vocabulary to become creative writers.