Keeping in sync with the theme, our school, DPS Sector 84, Gurugram, celebrated its first Science Week in school from 4th December to 8th December, 2017. The aim of celebration was to enthuse students and get them involved in the global scientific perspective as well as stimulate their understanding of how science impacts their future and daily lives.

Knowledge seemed to flow in the form of informative charts, decorated all over the school building. Week long activities provided all students with the opportunity to develop abilities of scientific inquiry. Students of Nursery and K.G had their own share of participation. They were shown experiments on themes like sink and float, lifecycle of a butterfly, concept of light and heavy, inflation and deflation and living and non living things. Grade I & II enjoyed the fun skill-oriented activities like making of pin wheel, making a parachute, scrap book on plant products, model of Our Solar System, etc. Grade III prepared attractive herbariums, Grade IV conducted special assembly on ‘It looks like magic, but it’s really science at work!’ and created simple machines. Grades V, VI & VII made models and took pride in displaying them with great enthusiasm. They explained the science and the concepts behind their working models. To foster the scientific knowledge of students, they were shown some experiments related to pressure, density of water, experiments related to principle that air exerts pressure and so on. And last but not the least, to test their knowledge of science facts, an Inter House Grey Matter Quiz competition was organized for grades III to VII. Mother Teresa house bagged the first position with Mahatma Gandhi securing second place.

The week culminated with the thought that science is a beautiful gift to humanity and hence we should not distort it. It was a week of fun based learning experience.