“What is life but a grand adventure.”

Going on a school trip means more than simply leaving the school premises, it means spending time with each other and bonding in a new environment. While the purpose is essentially to edify, such trips serve a dual purpose of nurturing young minds and strengthening friendships.

Keeping this basic ethos in mind, an enthralling adventurous trip was organized on Wednesday, March 14 2018, for our students of Grades I to VII, to experience the simplicity of life at Lohagarh Farms, Gurugram, It was a day full of fun activities wherein our children had no targets and competitions in mind.  Students were delighted to explore the old rustic life and acquired more information on them. Some of the key attractions for the kids were Pottery, Camel Ride, Bullock Ride, Tractor Ride, Team-Building Activities, Archery, shooting, Tug of War, Mehndi, Mud-Bath and much more. All activities were carried under expert supervision by trained instructors using safety harness. For the younger ones, it was a wonderful way to end the session and for the older children, it was a good stress reliever after the term exams.

The trip was a memorable one, which encouraged the students to keep alive the memories of our old legacy.