Welcome Activity

Welcome activities were carefully planned for our young ones to put them at ease and to ensure that they carry back small things created by them to show their proud parents. Nursery and KG students made welcome badges and table mats as expressions of their creativity.

Learning is Fun

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”.

A great thought to teach the children of today. The more they experience and explore their ability to learn is stronger.

We at DPS, Sector – 84 firmly believe in Concept Based Teaching. It not only helps the child to be thorough with the topic, but he / she remembers it all through. Various demonstrations happen within and outside the classrooms to prepare the students for future challenges.

The students of Nursery and Kindergarten explored taste through ‘Lemonade / Roohafza activity’ and by tasting various foods to understand that different foods taste different. To explore the sense of smell, students smelled fruits like mango, banana, flower and perfume for fragrance, bad smell of stale fruit peels etc.

To make learning more interesting, students planted saplings to learn more about how plants grow. To understand the basic concept of ‘What Comes After?’, the students played a game with number flash cards.

The hands on activities proved to be a great source of learning.