A professional development webinar was conducted for the teachers of DPS 84. The first half of the webinar was conducted by Ms. Pushpanjali Borthakur, an expert in mindfulness training, a counseling psychologist and an international trainer and coach.

She enlightened the participants with a few mindfulness techniques that had left them in a relaxed and soothing state of mind. She focused on the breathing techniques and showed how we can independently carry out these mindful techniques every day in our day to day life. Mindfulness technique is of the best way to managing stress. 

The second part of the webinar focused on burnout presented by Ms. Shinasa Shahid. What is burnout and how it can be differentiated from stress. The presentation showed what the causal factors could be and the strategies to combat burnout. The presentation also informed us how the body, mind and soul come together to create a balance and help us deal with it. Burnout is a reaction to stress. And it affects how we view students and how we interact with them.